Saturday, February 21, 2009

grand opening [metamorph supplies]

i am moving all of my handmade supplies from my metamorph Etsy shope next door to metamorphSupplies. i have expanded my line of supplies and felt that my original shop was starting to feel a bit crowded. the move will take place gradually over the next few weeks. during that time supplies will be available in both locations, and i am more than happy to combine shipping costs. keep and eye on the new store for new styles of links and earwires, and for larger quantities of old favorites.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

seed pods

seed pods come in so many amazing shapes and intriguing shapes. my favorite are chinese lantern pods, i have some hanging in my studio for inspiration. this weeks finds are all inspired by various kinds of pods. all available on Etsy.

1. ArtGarden 2. lulubugjewelry 3. lindayeargintaylor 4. TiffanyTeske 5. aliherrmann 6. tamara

Friday, February 6, 2009

- - - stitched - - -

while browsing through the pages of Etsy, i discovered several sellers who are combining traditional sewing techniques, like embroidery, smocking, and cross stitch, with metal design and jewelry techniques. the results are modern, fresh and beautiful. i love the fact that these sellers are preserving tradition while at the same time updating the techniques and making them their own.

- - -a few of my favorites- - -

1. nectar 2. nina gibson designs 3. asymmetery 4. tinctory 5. neawear