Sunday, July 25, 2010


n. stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity.

people often ask me where my ideas come from.  i never quite no how to answer that question, and usually end up stuttering and stammering around, trying to sidestep it, because truth is, there is no easy answer and the process is deeply personal.  whenever i see, feel or hear something that inspires me, i file the impression away for later.  this inspiration can come from anywhere, the texture of peeling paint or rusted metal, the way a leaf moves when it falls from a tree, the feeling of electricity in the air when lightning strikes nearby.  i probably have a million partially formed ideas or impressions swirling around in the back of my mind and fighting their way to the front for a chance to be seen.  i spend most of my time trying to dig them out of my subconscious so i can zero in on one and develop it into something concrete.  sometimes this process is quick, sometimes it takes months or years and most of these wisps will never develop into anymore than a fleeting impression.

here is a quick peak at the inspiration board in my studio.  its packed with layers of photographs, cards, natural and found objects that inspire me.what inspires you?

the big crafty

we had a great time visiting asheville a couple of weeks ago for The Big Crafty. the show was a lot of fun and the city is absolutely amazing, the downtown area is filled with fun boutiques, galleries and specialty stores, you can even buy coffee from a stand built inside of an old double decker bus.. since it was mainly a business trip we didn't get to do a lot of exploring and the rain (which prevented our drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and made the trip home long and nerve wracking) didn't help either. we did manage to eat a couple of delicious dinners and listened to an impromptu performance by a bluegrass band (complete with a washtub bass!) in front of out hotel. the first night we dined outside at The Noodle Shop where we were entertained by a street performer, after the show, we went to Suwana's Thai Orchid where i got the pineapple fried rice, which was so good that i already have eating it again on my itinerary for my next visit.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

july 4th

we decided to celebrate the 4th by heading to the fairgrounds to watch the fireworks. at the last moment we decided to watch them from the side of the road a little bit away to avoid fighting for a parking space. we found a great location, set up our chairs by the car and played with sparklers while waiting for the main event. after the show was over, we loaded up the car and took off and were home within 15 min. this is definitely the plan from now on.

this weekend, we are heading up to Asheville for The Big Crafty and i can't wait! if your in the Asheville area make sure to stop by on Sunday from 12-6 at the Asheville Art Museum in Pack Place.