Monday, June 22, 2009

back to school

indieNC is now offering classes craft, design, and business classes. i will be teaching a couple metals courses. the first one is beginning soldering on Thursday, July 22 from 7-9 pm. all classes are held in downtown Raleigh. sign up here. register for any class by July 1st and receive a 10% discount. more classes to be announced.

old work ... new photos

the weather finally cooperated and i was able to get some new photos taken of a couple of my feather pieces.

Friday, June 19, 2009

new for the Rock & Shop

horray, The Rock & Shop is tomorrow! and i've been working hard to get ready. maybe even a bit too hard, as i've gone overboard in making pieces for the show and am not sure there will be enough space to display all of them. opps! however, that means there will be tons of new designs for you to check out, and of course all the old favorites will be there too. some of the higlights, found object necklaces (courtesy of all my great antique store finds last week), vintage flower and hardware earrings, and after much procrastination, i've added some new enamels to my collection. i am especially excited to debut my new Crater Ring collection.
if you've never been to the Rock & Shop before be sure to get down to Tir Na Nog between 1 and 5 tomorrow, grab a drink, listen to some great music, do a little shopping (or better yet, a lot of shopping). if you have been then you know you don't want to miss out.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

treausre hunt

The Rock & Shop
market is less than two weeks away, and i have a lot to do before then in order to be prepared. i was feeling a bit burned out, so i decided to step out of the studio this afternoon and make a quick trip to the antique store and see what new treasures they had in stock. i found tons of great supplies; old keys and estruscans, vintage medals, cuff links, buttons and sequins, a pair of tiny dice, and a great old mason jar, among others. first thing i did when i got home was dump everything out on the table for inspiration, and i couldn't resist snapping a few photos. i have so many ideas for new designs now and i can't wait to start creating with my new finds. be sure to stop by Tir Na Nog for The Rock & Shop on June 20th to see the results in person.