Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween

horray, halloween is finally here! my favorite holiday. unfortunately i have to work tonoight so i don't have any exciting halloween plans. we will probably watch a horror movie tonight after work, my vote will be for for Nightmare on Elm St. its one of my favorite scary movies, not to mention johnny depp has a bit part, which makes almost any movie worth watching (well any movie other than secret window or the astronauts wife).
its only 3pm and i have already had my first halloween fright while unloading groceries from my car. as i was getting the bags from the trunk, i glanced at the van beside me and saw a head sticking out from the space between the tire and the fender. it startled me so much that i actually dropped one of my bags on the ground (luckily i dropped the bag with the boxes and toilet paper, so i did not break anything). i find mannequin heads super creepy to begin with, and especially when they are sticking out of a car. i did not have my camera with me, and by the time i had a chance to go back down to the parking lot someone had moved it. i wonder what other eerie events the day has in store.
in honor of holiday, i decided to showcase some of my favorite examples of handmade spookiness. all available on etsy.
i love this "black scraggy cat print" from elle j. wilson

"darla the devil girl" is just one of the many amazing dolls by Colleen Downs of Loopy Boopy

i would hang this "catch me if you can" plate by Re Jin Lee of bailey doesn't bark on my wall year round.

"tabby girl" necklace from Maid of Clay

an awesome "skull and cross-utensils fruit cup" by folded pigs

this "black kitty ring" by studio.halo is definitely on my wish list.

i wish my cats would wear this adorable tutu by jiniaj. but since i can't even get them to wear their collars, i know they will never go for it.

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