Sunday, October 3, 2010

settling in

we moved into our new studio space this past week and i am slowly getting settled in. we're still in The Carter Building but we moved to the second floor {14 Glenwood Ave, Suite 18-A}. its MUCH smaller than our old space {kiona says its "cozy"} i can't remember where any of my tools now reside, and when the AC is on its freezing up there! {yes, i know i spent all summer complaining about how hot it was in the old space} its always a bit of an adjustment when you move workspaces but, once i get used to the setup i think its going to be more efficient than my previous set up. i've got a window by my bench that i can open for ventilation {and people watch from, when i'm bored}, i have lots of wall space which i LOVE, more room to keep my finished work on display. i've met most of the artists on the hall and everyone is really friendly and welcoming and i get to look at {these} in the hallway everyday.  i got everything unpacked and setup with relative ease, caught up on my Etsy orders and even managed to open the studio for First Friday.  well, its off to bed, i've got an early morning tomorrow and a busy week ahead of me, preparing for the Cooke St Carnival on the 16th, finishing a custom order and restocking Stitch with new work.

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