Monday, November 22, 2010

durham art walk

i had a great time at the durham art walk this weekend, the turnout was better than expected, i met some amazing new customers, and some inspiring artists and designers.
the Arts Council Building currently has an excelletn exhibition of contemporary portraits going on called, People You May Know. my favorite of the show was a group of portraits by Jacob Cooley, which as luck would have it, happened to be right across from my booth giving me plenty of time to ponder them. i found them pleasantly unsettling {if that makes any sense}. the subject in each portrait is wearing a neutral shirt and the background is stark white, forcing you to truly see the person, simply as they appear, with no preconceived notions or distractions.
on saturday, i managed to {sneak} away from my booth for a few minutes and do a bit of Christmas shopping at Miss Maready, my {newest} obsession, and i learned that i really, really, {really} like kettle corn (which i always thought i hated). tonight i enjoyed a delicious dinner (an more importantly garlic fries) with a friend at Tyler's Taproom at American Tobacco Campus. this week is going to be insanely busy as i restock for the Rock & Shop and the Boylan Heights Artwalk in two weeks and get started on a few custom orders.
{Giving Trees} sponsored by Bert's Bees were made by local artists from recycled materials raised money for The Scrap Exchange
{Jacob Cooley} portraits, view from my booth
my {booth}
{holiday lights} at American Tobacco

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