Saturday, November 29, 2008

recycled fur jewelry

winter has finally arrived. time for hot chocolate, crackling fires, scarves, mittens and all things warm and cozy. while doing some christmas shopping on Etsy, i came across some beautiful jewelry made from reclaimed fur. perfect for a crisp winter day.

caterpillar earrings by Sara Lagacé, saralagace

poofda mink ring by Rebecca Sefcovic Uglem, beckaboodle

creamy mink brooch by Art Jewelry Online

recycled mink fur bracelet by Karine Eyamie, Mizdragonfly

spinning recycled deer fur necklace by Tessa Rickard, dolldisasterdesign

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danielle embry said...

great stuff! i really like your blog - very interesting.
also, i tagged you...:)
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