Wednesday, December 31, 2008


there are so many new handmade websites popping up lately. as an artisan this growing support of the handmade community is very encouraging. so far etsy has continued to stand out above the rest and has remained my favorite, but i just learned about 1000markets which just might give etsy a run for its money. this is a great site for buying and selling handmade goods, its only been up an running a few months, but i predict that its going to be quite successful.
the layout is crisp and clean and visually pleasing. the interface is very user friendly and the selection of merchants is outstanding. browsing for products is a little challenging as there is no way to search categories, you can only view random shops or search by keyword. since this is such a young website, and they are working very diligently at making improvements on many aspects, including searching products, we should let them slide on this one for the time being.
i joined last week and set up shop. so far i have been very pleased and am excited about finding this new venue, which has so much potential. i definitely recommend checking it out if you love handmade products. its another great way to buy directly from independent artisans.

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