Thursday, September 17, 2009

yum... sushi

i love, love, love sushi! especially spicy octopus rolls, and volcano rolls, and philly rolls, and tako sashimi... the list goes on and on. i would probably eat it everyday if i could. with so many varieties to choose from i think its highly probable that one could eat sushi every day and never tire of it. so, as often happens, my mind began to wander tonight, and i soon found myself daydreaming about sushi. since its too late to fulfill my craving (reason no. 1 that first thing i will do when i become rich and famous is hire a full time sushi chef) i decided to do a quick search and see what turned up on Etsy.
i am lusting after... Ladybird and Rooster Sushi Plates by heartlayla. so beautiful.
receiving a note on Sushi Splash letterhead by wevegotpaper will surely brighten anyone's day.
this Nigri Bracelet by Carolyn Tillie is amazing.
Tuna Sushi Panel by thisartlife painted on old a collage of old sewing patterns.
Felt Veggie Rolls by feltedchicken. how fun!
knit your own sushi with this pattern from NeedleNoodles. if knitting is not your thing, buy the finished Amigurumi Sushi Set in her store.
bath time is fun with Ikura Sushi vegan soap from DirtyAssSoaps

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Kristin said...

That sushi stationary is too adorable!