Saturday, January 16, 2010

love & a .45

it seems that much of my family, actually more like everyone except myself, has gotten on a handgun kick and has begun making frequent trips to the shooting range. while i really don't have any interest or experience in shooting, i have profited from their exploits in the form of spent bullet casings. i asked my sister to rescue a few for me on her last visit to the range. while i didn't have any specific design plans for them, i knew these spent bullet casings were destined for jewelry. this is my first attempt at incorporating the casings and i was really excited with how it turned out. it also gave me a chance to practice setting small faceted gems, something i hardly ever do. i already have a list of new stones to order and plan to expand this concept into an entire line that will include some great new designs for guys. silver, 10k gold, diamond, .45 caliber spent bullet casing

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Good Girls Studio said...

Loove this! It's soo bad @ss! You rock!