Saturday, May 22, 2010

its a crazy, wonderful life

phew, its been a crazy, crazy, non-stop couple of weeks. however, today i have found myself stuck at home, forced to relax and catch up on much needed rest. my car is in the shop for the second time this week so i can't make it to the studio. since its rainy and overcast out, i've decided to spend the day eating popcorn and watching old movies. so far in the que is An Affair to Remember and An American in Paris. any ideas for what i should watch next?

the craziness started late last wednesday afternoon when i got a phone call from Artsplosure. someone had to drop out at the last moment and i had to decide ASAP if i wanted to take the spot with only two days to prepare. i made a call to work and managed to find someone to cover my shifts and spent the next 48 hours frantically trying to get ready. i don't think i've ever made that much jewelry in such a short period of time, and i had the blisters to prove it. somehow i managed to get everything finished and even got a few hours of sleep.

yesterday, we finally made it out to the newly renovated and expanded NC Museum of Art. it was sort of a belated birthday celebration since i was at Artsplosure last weekend and happy to be too busy on saturday to even think about my birthday. the new building is amazing, so bright and open. my favorite part is the Rodin garden which is so peaceful and beautiful and best of all filled with Rodin's. while i hated that the museum has been closed these past few months, it was definitely well worth the wait.

in addition to rushing around like mad, i did a bit of contemplation. the 19th was exactly 3 months from the day i received this in my fortune cookie.
the day i received this was during a very stressful and uncertain time in my life. so much has happened since that day, i've grown so much, and realized that i have so much to be thankful for. i'm glad i taped this little reminder to the calender, so i remembered to stop, look back and reflect.

for now... its back to the old movies.

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