Thursday, May 6, 2010

studio tour

wow, it has been one crazy week, and its not over yet. last saturday was The Handmade Market, which was amazing as always. unfortunately, i don't have any pictures. we got new phones on sunday and i forgot to transfer the photos before wiping the memory.

on monday i finished moving into my new studio space at Found Studios. there was a minor setback in the form of a car accident on the way there, but lucky for me, the majority of the impact was absorbed by the guy behind us and my workbenches made it to their new home in one piece. fortunately no one was seriously injured, though i can not say the same for the vehicles.
i spent the rest of the week settling into my new space and preparing for this weekends shows. Found Studio's is open to the public and i will be available by chance or appointment. we are located at 16 glenwood ave, downtown raleigh, nc (look for the bright pink door). we will be open tomorrow evening for First Friday tomorrow from 6 until 9, stop by and check out my new (and still clean) area, some new designs and browse my talented studio mates amazing work.

if you can't make it tomorrow, you can catch up with me on saturday at Designer's Downtown Market. it looks like its going to be a bit cooler and that the rain is going to hold off until late in the afternoon.
then on sunday... i am catching up on much missed sleep.

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Athena's Armoury said...

Fabulous new work space! I bet it's inspiring to be surrounded by other artists on a daily basis. Enjoy your new space!