Monday, August 2, 2010

its about time

after, i'm embarrassed to say it, several years of procrastination, i {Finally} got around to making a banner for my booth display!  other than one slight road bump in the form of a crooked "t", the process went smoothly and i am really happy with how it turned out.  i finished just in time for Raleigh Wide Open and even had a enough extra fabric left over to accent the new display pieces, an amazing vintage mirror and a beat up old wooden frame, that i picked up at Suzanna's Antiques (love this place, thanks Johanna and Kristen for telling me about it).  while i was at Joann's picking up the fabric for the banner i stumbled across a book i have some pieces published in on the shelves.  yay!
i also spent some time last week working on a prototype for a new bracelet design.  its a wide cuff bracelet with a lovely, organic look.  the wire i used is too thin so this one doesn't hold its shape very well, but i have some thicker gauge wire on order and hope to refine the design and incorporate it into the Metamorphosis Metals late summer/ early fall collection.

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